Dog Behaviour Consultation

This service is ideal for dogs that are exhibiting signs of problem behaviour, particular involving emotional baggage, such as aggression towards other dogs. During the consultation, Elyssa will assess your dog's existing behaviour and history, and provide a behavioural management plan to help treat or reduce the problem behaviour(s). This includes unlimited follow up calls and emails to ensure you and your dog are making progress.

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Helping dogs with emotional baggage

Managing issues such as

  • Aggression
  • Reactivity
  • Anxiety
  • Poor impulse control

$125 per hour

No credit card required.

Follow up consultations are encouraged to help your dog reach a level where you’re both getting the most out of your relationship. Whether that is being able to enjoy a walk in the park or just being able to chill out together at home, Elyssa will help you set realistic goals and systematically achieve them with your dog.

Why book a behaviour consult?

Sometimes our dogs develop behaviours that can range from embarrassing (e.g. poor impulse control and over arousal), distressing (e.g. separation anxiety) to outright dangerous (human-directed aggression). These consults are designed to help curb these behaviours, and teach your dog healthier ways of coping and interacting with their environment. Many of the techniques used will also have applications in day-to-day interactions with your dogs, helping you encourage your dog to be happy and calm overall. Consults will also teach you the best, scientifically proven, ways to interact with your dog- so you yourself can practice good dogmanship!

What methods are used?

These will of course vary depending on your dog’s personality and your own dogmanship. However, all techniques will reflect the key tenets of dogmanship. As such, there will be a heavy emphasis on positive reinforcement. So be prepared to be giving your dog lots of treats, toys and/or play!

What do I need to do to prepare?

Just make sure you have treats, toys and a suitable leash for your dog (body harnesses are encouraged!). It’s a good idea to make sure your dog has had a decent walk beforehand to make sure they’re as relaxed as possible.

Elyssa services all areas in the map below. Elyssa is not currently servicing areas outside this area due to working a seperate full time job, however people outside this area are welcome to drive to Lake Macquarie for a consult.